Zariel, Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus.

Realms of the Wretched: D&D Cosmology

From the description of the cosmos, it may sound like the planar structure is relatively set in stone in 5th edition. However, looking at previous editions, I would say this conception would be a mistake. The order and structure of the planes can be fluid and evolving, and high level characters can absolutely have an effect on it.

Eberron Outer Planes

Domains of the Divine: D&D Outer Plane Cosmology

Breaking with previous editions, 5e chooses to keep the Outer Planes incredibly vague. However, the shape and experience of each Outer Plane is highly dependent on the deities or powers that control them. This article explores these differences.

Waterdeep Heist- Elemental Plane of Water

Developing the Inner Planes: D&D Cosmology

Welcome to the second half of our exploration of the Inner Planes, where we will be covering the other half of the planes, as well as the para-elemental planes and other representations of the elemental planes.

Firebreather from Wild Beyond the Witchlight

Echoes of the Material World: D&D Cosmology

Realms steeped in life and death, shrouded in myth and mysticism, the Mirror Planes are a strange reflection of the mortal world. This article aims to fill lore gaps by pulling inspiration from previous editions, from real-life mythology, and from outside media.

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