The Artificer Class – Articles highlighting and analyzing the Artificer class for player characters in D&D 5e. Feats, multiclassing, subclass advice, and more.

adventuring party D&D 5e class capstones fixed revised

Fixing Class Capstone Features: D&D 5e Level-20 Revisions

Class capstones should be special and desirable. They’re the level-twenty culmination of many adventures and challenges. Capstones should feel legendary, but many don’t. I’ve reviewed each one to offer alternatives to meet expectations!

White witch by IrenHorrors

Alchemist Artificer as a White Witch: D&D 5e Character Idea

Often flavored as steampunk inventors with a knack for all tools, Artificers are robust in skill and surprisingly not pigeonholed into a specific playtype. Where the description typically makes a reader think of someone who works with their hands, how would the class look if we were to reflavor the archetype into a more mystical magic user who employs the skills-as-written in a witchy way?

D&D 5e artificer feats

D&D 5e Best Feats for Artificers

This guide assists players with choosing feats for their Artificer characters. D&D 5e’s Artificer class possesses specialties that lend well to several feats, so let’s identify which ones are the most synergistic.

Multiclass Builds for Seafaring Adventures: D&D 5e

A proper aquatic theme establishes a defining tone, which affects player choices, especially character builds. Though there are a myriad of magnificent maritime archetypes already available canonically, I’ve compiled a few multiclass builds that I believe would abet excitement in this theme.

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