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D&D 5e feats grading ratings into the fray

D&D 5e Feats: Rating the Best and Worst Feats

Feats add a degree of customization to a tabletop RPG that I enthusiastically enjoy; however, not all feats are created equal. I’ve listed every official feat so that I can grade them and provide my thoughts.

D&D 5e dream spell

Dream: D&D 5e In-Depth Spell Analysis

Dream is a fifth level illusion spell available to bards, warlocks, and wizards. Druids of Circle of the Land who choose grassland as their environmental specialty will also learn Dream…

warforged wizard lightning

The Best Wizard Spells Ranked by Level: D&D 5e

The best Wizard spells by level in D&D 5e. Wizards of D&D 5e have the most extensive spell list to choose from of all the classes. While this benefits them greatly in versatility, it’s cumbersome for new and experienced players alike to select the spells they’ll learn. Preparing spells makes the process all the more taxing. After years of playing D&D 5e, I understand which spells are the most impactful and ubiquitous across campaign settings and game styles. My list here summarizes the best Wizard spells that keep proving themselves useful time and time again.

D&D 5e cleric feats

The Best Cleric Feats: D&D 5e Godlike Feats Guide

Feats are powerful customizations when coupled appropriately with class abilities. Clerics are unique because they already have a lot going for them. I’m here to direct you to the feats that are worth your time.

D&D 5e Guide to Legendary Actions and Lairs

For the Dungeon Master with players well-versed in Dungeons and Dragons, planning unexpected and intriguing combat with frequently-used monsters can be a challenge. I propose, in addition to using interactive battle elements and hazards, a dungeon master should consider giving nearly all battles lair effects, lair actions, and possibly legendary actions.

Warlock Patrons: D&D Lore and Pact Motivations

The purpose of this article is to help players find a Warlock patron with the lore, goals, and abilities that fit into their character build and background, as well as to help players flesh out roleplaying and world-building aspects of their adventurer to share with their Dungeon Master.

D&D 5e cleric multiclassing holy loxodon

Cleric Multiclassing: D&D 5e Heavenly Guide

Your guide to Cleric multiclassing for unique character builds in Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition (D&D 5e). Multiclassing is daunting for new players to learn, but rewarding for experienced players. Aside from optimization, multiclassing allows you to bring unique characters to life with outside-the-box specialties. Multiclassing can be useful for roleplaying as well, so it’s not merely for min-max-style players. Review my recommendations to discover inspiration for your next character.

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