Lore of the cosmologies of Dungeons and Dragons

D&D 5e races for player characters

D&D 5e Races and Lineages: Overview, Lore, and Analysis

With the myriad of character options available, considering which race to build from can be a daunting task. This guide will help provide you with a basic overview of each playable race, along with some inspiring ideas for background-building and optimization.

Zariel, Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus.

Realms of the Wretched: D&D Cosmology

From the description of the cosmos, it may sound like the planar structure is relatively set in stone in 5th edition. However, looking at previous editions, I would say this conception would be a mistake. The order and structure of the planes can be fluid and evolving, and high level characters can absolutely have an effect on it.

Wildmother Art

Tal’Dorei Wildmother Lore to Align Your Character with the Cosmos

In this article, you’ll find an extrapolation of the Wildmother’s tenets of belief and commandments. I’ll also provide ideas for implementing these tenets and lore into your campaign, as well as a narrative sermon from a priestess of the Wildmother that explores the credo of this deity.

Eberron Outer Planes

Domains of the Divine: D&D Outer Plane Cosmology

Breaking with previous editions, 5e chooses to keep the Outer Planes incredibly vague. However, the shape and experience of each Outer Plane is highly dependent on the deities or powers that control them. This article explores these differences.

Waterdeep Heist- Elemental Plane of Water

Developing the Inner Planes: D&D Cosmology

Welcome to the second half of our exploration of the Inner Planes, where we will be covering the other half of the planes, as well as the para-elemental planes and other representations of the elemental planes.

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