Players can find roleplay resources to help them play their characters. GMs will find advice to help them improvise dialogue and more.

students of the order of the scribes wizard subclass practice magic

Order of Scribes Wizard D&D 5e: Analysis and Roleplaying

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything describes the Order of the Scribes Wizard subclass as the most bookish of all Wizards. Every Wizard keeps a library card, but the Scribes are in the library every day! Here’s how to roleplay your Scribe Wizard.

Candlekeep Mysteries - Personality Development

Developing Character Personalities in TTRPGs

In this article, I’m going to provide advice on electing intentional character traits so that a player may make sincere character choices in-game that are true to their character’s personality.

It’s OK to Make Powerful Characters: D&D 5e Advice

Internet chatter is taking a weird direction regarding D&D character creation. Some are interpreting powerful characters to be an inherently bad part of the game. I am expounding upon this concept to find what is true or false about it.

Roleplaying Charisma in D&D and TTRPGs

Charisma is being in-tuned with the magic within, your galactic repertoire, the strength and ability of your character, and your innate potential to achieve your goals. Learn the various ways we suggest a player employ Charisma in-game.

17 Easy Ways to Develop Improv Skills for D&D

Improvisation’s benefits go beyond mere humor, allowing pure collaboration between players, DMs, and dice. There are countless stories and memes about DMs drastically adapting their plans after players deviate from expectations. Collaboration means the game is unpredictable even before dice roll.

Tavern Art

How to Get Your Players to Role Play in D&D 5e

In our experiences as DM’s, Flutes and I have developed a list of tips to help you encourage your players to start role playing, or to role play on a more fulfilling level…

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