The Warlock Class – Articles highlighting and analyzing the Warlock class for player characters in D&D 5e. Feats, multiclassing, subclass advice, and more.

adventuring party D&D 5e class capstones fixed revised

Fixing Class Capstone Features: D&D 5e Level-20 Revisions

Class capstones should be special and desirable. They’re the level-twenty culmination of many adventures and challenges. Capstones should feel legendary, but many don’t. I’ve reviewed each one to offer alternatives to meet expectations!

triton character warlock feats

Warlock Feats: D&D 5e’s Best Feat Bargains

This guide assists players with choosing feats for their Warlock characters. D&D 5e’s Warlock class possesses specialties that lend well to several feats, so let’s identify which ones are the most synergistic.

Warlock Patrons: D&D Lore and Pact Motivations

The purpose of this article is to help players find a Warlock patron with the lore, goals, and abilities that fit into their character build and background, as well as to help players flesh out roleplaying and world-building aspects of their adventurer to share with their Dungeon Master.

Multiclass Builds for Seafaring Adventures: D&D 5e

A proper aquatic theme establishes a defining tone, which affects player choices, especially character builds. Though there are a myriad of magnificent maritime archetypes already available canonically, I’ve compiled a few multiclass builds that I believe would abet excitement in this theme.

Warlock Spellcaster

Warlock Spells and Invocations: An In-Depth Analysis

Warlocks are a bit of an anomaly in the spellcasting world. Not only is their table of spellcasting completely different from any other 5e spellcaster, they also have non-spell magic called Invocations. In this article, we’ll explain and then explore the spellcasting wonders of Warlocks.

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