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3 Steps to Improve Combat Encounters in TTRPGs

I’ll admit, I’ve written somewhat about this topic before, but only because it weighs heavily on my mind when I run a game. As a player who doesn’t particularly enjoy combat, I’ve narrowed down what issues I have with combat and a simple formula to spice up fights in gameplay. These steps take little effort to incorporate and have been tested in my own games. 

Playing D&D without Classes

It’s entirely natural for players to start their Dungeons and Dragons campaign with one particular expectation: I am going to be a hero. Not in a conceited “let me be in the spotlight” way, but in the “we are a party of heroes going to solve the world’s problems” way. Of course there will be players with devious motives who turn out to be anti-heroes, but that’s just the other side of the same coin. In this mindset, players are still playing characters who will solve problems.

D&D 5e races for player characters

D&D 5e Races and Lineages: Overview, Lore, and Analysis

With the myriad of character options available, considering which race to build from can be a daunting task. This guide will help provide you with a basic overview of each playable race, along with some inspiring ideas for background-building and optimization.

Mad Mage

Using Sanity as an Ability Score in D&D 5e

Sanity is an optional mechanic often dismissed as either extreme or useless in D&D 5e. However, using Sanity as an additional ability score has a wide array of uses and benefits.

7 New D&D Player Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Dungeons and Dragons has a slight learning curve in mechanics, role playing, and how players approach the game. Here are some of the major mistakes new players make and our suggestions on how to fix them.

D&D 5e Guide to Legendary Actions and Lairs

For the Dungeon Master with players well-versed in Dungeons and Dragons, planning unexpected and intriguing combat with frequently-used monsters can be a challenge. I propose, in addition to using interactive battle elements and hazards, a dungeon master should consider giving nearly all battles lair effects, lair actions, and possibly legendary actions.

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