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Flutes (Jordan)

Flutes is a master improvisational comedian and dungeon master. He combines these passions with his professional analytical skills to write about anything related to D&D and TTRPGs that catches his eye, especially player character options and DM tips. When he’s not rolling dice and taking care of his kiddos, he regularly performs in improv comedy shows for paying audiences.


Opal fancies the research-heavy complexities of storytelling, world-building, magic item crafting, and in-game creativity. Opal expresses her herbalism by bundling flora throughout the home, brewing a hot cup of herbal tea, and tending her orchard and garden. She’s an expert in lore and flavor down to the smallest details that bring a game to life.


DragnaCarta is a guest writer for and a veteran DM with 12+ years of experience. He is the author of the popular “Curse of Strahd: Reloaded” campaign guide, a moderator of /r/CurseOfStrahd, and the Dungeon Master and director for the Curse of Strahd livestream “Twice Bitten.” You can get his personal RPG mentoring plus early access to projects by joining his Patreon.

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Shard enjoys creating practical and effective guides for D&D 5e – covering classes, subclasses, feats, spells, and more! Check out his YouTube videos here.

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Taron “Indestructoboy” Pounds

Taron “Indestructoboy” Pounds is a YouTube Content Creator focusing on Dungeons & Dragons 5e as well as other content! You can find him designing homebrew content for the game on the DMsGuild.


Tabletop Bob

Tabletop Bob runs a gaming channel devoted to D&D and all things tabletop. He primarily focuses on Dungeon Master advice, realistic game prep, and live-play Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition games.

You can find his channel and subscribe to his content here.

RPG Storycraft

RPG StoryCraft (AKA Mike) has been playing and running roleplaying games for more than 20 years. His primary game is D&D 5e and has devoted much of his time to crafting his own campaign setting for his weekly game. He loves to speak at length about the concepts of WorldCrafting.

RPG Storycraft


Light is a DM of 6+ years who loves all things TTRPG. Besides writing, Light manages a project called Tabletop Playlists, a YouTube channel that creates playlists of music and ambience for use in D&D specifically and other TTRPGs generally.


We’re not 100% sure where Seth is from. When we asked, he said he’s “not from around here” which does seem to be true enough, but it isn’t helpful. Also, he laughed at us. That was rude.

As far as the watch can tell, he technically hasn’t broken any laws yet, but he’s definitely shady and we must caution you against buying any of the spells he’s trying to sell! We don’t know where they’re from or why they look the way they do, but they almost certainly aren’t going to work!

The watch says investigations are ongoing, but the only lead they have so far is this Twitter Feed.

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