Seth Sulimo

We’re not 100% sure where Seth is from. When we asked, he said he’s “not from around here” which does seem to be true enough, but it isn’t helpful. Also he laughed at us. That was rude. As far as the watch can tell, he technically hasn't broken any laws yet, but he’s definitely shady and we must caution you against buying any of the spells he’s trying to sell! We don’t know where they’re from or why they look the way they do, but they almost certainly aren’t going to work! The watch says investigations are ongoing, but the only lead they have so far is his Twitter feed.

magic: the gathering forgotten realms dungeons and dragons card mistranslations 2

Dimensional Mistranslations of MTG D&D Cards: Part 2

The satirical salesmanship of Planeswalker Seth continues. He was emboldened by the bargains he procured in part one, so he’s ready to put his snake-oil salesmanship to work in part two. Enjoy perusing his dimensionally dysfunctional MTG D&D cards.

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