The Sorcerer Class – Articles highlighting and analyzing the Sorcerer class for player characters in D&D 5e. Feats, multiclassing, subclass advice, and more.

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Fixing Class Capstone Features: D&D 5e Level-20 Revisions

Class capstones should be special and desirable. They’re the level-twenty culmination of many adventures and challenges. Capstones should feel legendary, but many don’t. I’ve reviewed each one to offer alternatives to meet expectations!

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Sorcerer Multiclassing Guide: D&D 5e Innate Concepts

Your guide to Sorcerer multiclassing for unique character builds in Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition (D&D 5e). Multiclassing is daunting for new players to learn, but rewarding for experienced players. Aside from optimization, multiclassing allows you to bring unique characters to life with outside-the-box specialties. Multiclassing can be useful for roleplaying as well, so it’s not merely for min-max-style players. Review my recommendations to discover inspiration for your next character.

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Sorcerer Feats Guide: D&D 5e Best Feat Selection

Which feats are worth a Sorcerer’s notice? The Sorcerer is a bewitching Charisma-based spellcaster. Common character builds combine Sorcerers with Paladins and Warlocks. The Sorcerer is blessed with versatility, but it needs to augment its spellcasting list to avoid a stagnant repertoire. I’ve explored the best feats for Sorcerers to help you narrow down the best options for your sorcerous character!

Multiclass Builds for Seafaring Adventures: D&D 5e

A proper aquatic theme establishes a defining tone, which affects player choices, especially character builds. Though there are a myriad of magnificent maritime archetypes already available canonically, I’ve compiled a few multiclass builds that I believe would abet excitement in this theme.

Sorcerer Metamagic

How to Use Sorcerer Metamagic: D&D 5e Sorcery Tactics

Metamagic is a thematic, useful class feature for Sorcerers, but using Metamagic efficiently can be daunting for players. This article will help a Sorcerer to understand how each Metamagic can be used to optimally enhance their spells.

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