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tarokka card deck curse of strahd destined allies

Destined Ally Tier List: Curse of Strahd D&D 5e Rankings

The tarokka deck reading is an iconic aspect of Curse of Strahd that identifies the locations and identities of important treasures and people for your players to interact with. This article focuses on Strahd’s Enemy, or the Destined Ally as many call it. I’ve ranked each of the potential allies and summarized them in order to create an ultimate DM resource on the topic. Former players of the campaign will also enjoy the topic!

warforged wizard lightning

The Best Wizard Spells Ranked by Level: D&D 5e

The best Wizard spells by level in D&D 5e. Wizards of D&D 5e have the most extensive spell list to choose from of all the classes. While this benefits them greatly in versatility, it’s cumbersome for new and experienced players alike to select the spells they’ll learn. Preparing spells makes the process all the more taxing. After years of playing D&D 5e, I understand which spells are the most impactful and ubiquitous across campaign settings and game styles. My list here summarizes the best Wizard spells that keep proving themselves useful time and time again.

students of the order of the scribes wizard subclass practice magic

Order of Scribes Wizard D&D 5e: Analysis and Roleplaying

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything describes the Order of the Scribes Wizard subclass as the most bookish of all Wizards. Every Wizard keeps a library card, but the Scribes are in the library every day! Here’s how to roleplay your Scribe Wizard.

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