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Flanking Should Be More Fun in D&D 5e Combat

Are flanking rules fun? Are they well-designed? I’ve attempted to use them in several campaigns, but they never seem to stick. Players stop caring and the DM stops caring as flanking falls into a distant memory. I’ve dissected flanking rules to see what needs to change to make flanking fun. Review my ideas to see if you like them enough to try them in your own games.

druid feats old druid smoking

Top 10 Best Druid Feats: D&D 5e Feat Field Guide

This guide assists players with choosing feats for their Druid characters. D&D 5e’s Druid class possesses specialties that lend well to several feats, so let’s identify which ones are the most synergistic.

D&D 5e dream spell

Dream: D&D 5e In-Depth Spell Analysis

Dream is a fifth level illusion spell available to bards, warlocks, and wizards. Druids of Circle of the Land who choose grassland as their environmental specialty will also learn Dream…

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