MAGISEVEN D&D Dice Review: Glass & Gemstone

MAGISEVEN D&D dice are classy gemstone dice that will bring out the click-clack ASMR fan in any TTRPG enthusiast. MAGISEVEN is a classy producer of dice for D&D, other TTRPGS, and more, so they reached out to me at Flutes Loot to review their dice. Let’s see how they look and feel!

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You can purchase dice from MAGISEVEN on their website or from the MAGISEVEN Amazon dice store.


MAGISEVEN D&D Dice Review Overall

I packed my new dice by MAGISEVEN and took them to a D&D session recently. When I poured them out on the table, my group expressed interest and awe at the new dice. The group realized these dice were not plastic but legitimate stonework. This truly impressed my friends.

My friends rolled the dice and handled them in their hands. Their reactions were similar to mine when I received the dice in the mail. They felt, looked, and sounded great. If you enjoy handling dice because you find them satisfying, these dice are for you.

Here are the key considerations for buying glass and gemstone dice by MAGISEVEN:

  • Legible fonts and colors
  • No chips or damages
  • Deep, vibrant designs and colors
  • Hard enough to feel cooler than plaster
  • Softer than metal to avoid table dents
  • On the pricy side for dice for higher quality
  • Glass and gemstone dice require special care (see care tips below)

7 Tips to Care for Glass and Gemstone Dice

These are not mere plastic dice. You need to care for them to keep them pristine and immaculate.

  1. Roll on a padded mat or a soft dice tray. You don’t want these dice to roll off the table and chip.
  2. Don’t use dice towers or cups. They increase the risk of gemstone damage.
  3. Keep them away from other dice when rolling or storing them to avoid knocking them together and chipping them. Metal dice should especially be avoided.
  4. Avoid prolonged exposure to water as it weakens the fluorite.
  5. Avoid exposing them to sunlight or heat for long periods.
  6. Don’t throw your dice when they roll ones. Calmly place them in dice jail.
  7. Clean them with microfiber cloths when you’re done with them to avoid decay from skin oils.

MAGISEVEN Labradorite Dice

These dice look fantastic, but they’re not as blue/gray as they appeared on MAGISEVEN’s website. The picture below shows their color more accurately.

MAGISEVEN Labradorite Natural Gemstone 7 pieces D&D Dice SET
MAGISEVEN Labradorite Natural Gemstone 7-piece D&D Dice Set

MAGISEVEN Blood Stone Dice

Similar to my review of the labradorite dice above, the blood stone dice look fantastic, but they’re not as red as they appeared on MAGISEVEN’s website. The picture below shows their color more accurately.

MAGISEVEN Blood Stone 7-piece D&D Dice Set

MAGISEVEN Dice Conclusion

I predict you will be extremely pleased with MAGISEVEN’s selection and quality. My preference is to buy dice that I know I will enjoy for a long time and that are of higher quality. They’re more expensive, but the dice you get for the price are immaculate. Keep in mind the special care and considerations when rolling and storing gemstone and glass dice, and you’ll do well.

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