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Dice Subscriptions & Mystery Dice Goblin

This is a sponsored article; we received free dice from Mystery Dice Goblin. This article contains affiliate links to put gold in our coffers.

Dice subscriptions deliver dice regularly to D&D players who love dice. Math rocks, click-clacks, etc., are fun for in-person gaming. We enjoy the feel and look of new dice as we roll for our imaginary fates. But sometimes, we need something new to freshen up the game. New dice can do that, so why not automate your dice aesthetic with new surprises each month?

Imagine getting dice in the mail each month. Each package is a surprise as you receive new dice to inspire new characters to match their aesthetics and show off to your friends. Let’s explore the pros and cons of dice subscriptions so you can consider if they’re for you!

Why Get a Dice Subscription?

There are several benefits to a dice subscription. After all, subscription services are popping up everywhere in the modern world, from meal prep boxes to shaving blades.

Dice Quality-to-Price Balancing

There are expensive dice sets out there that catch the light and attract the eye, but what about quantity over quality? Consider a dice subscription if you’d prefer plentiful dice that are low-maintenance additions to your collection.

Subscription dice that come in sets are better than the scoops of riff-raff dice you can buy at stores from a jar, but they’re less expensive than gemstone or glass dice. They’re a middle-ground quality that usually comes with more accountability from their providers due to the recurring transactions. After all, plenty of semi-scammy pop-up stores on the internet sell quirky, cheap dice at overpriced costs.

Easy Dice Upkeep

Cheaper dice require less fuss to keep them looking and rolling nicely. Gemstone dice have upkeep and larger price tags to consider. They’re not for everyone. Subscription dice are simpler.

Fun Dice Aesthetic Themes

Subscription dice sets have themes that tie the dice together. This is the same as purchasing dice sets, but these themes can be surprising each month!

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What Are the Downsides of Dice Subscriptions?

Aside from the fun, quirky nature of dice subscriptions, there are downsides to consider.

Mysterious or Overstocked Dice

You’re at the mercy of whatever theme your dice provider sends. You won’t be able to choose, and there’s a chance you’re being sent dice sets that don’t sell well and are less popular. In other words, the subscription dice provider may provide you with excess inventory.

Flawed Dice

Dice at lower prices are more likely to have flaws in their molding processes or suffer chips during shipping. I found this was true with my dice; they had minor dents or bubbles in the molding.

Mystery Dice Goblin: Fun Dice Subscription Service

You can subscribe to Mystery Dice Goblin for their mystery dice for a low price each month. This subscription is the gift that keeps giving for the dice goblin in your life. They’re based in the UK.

Mystery Dice Goblin also offers bonus gifts at particular subscription duration thresholds. The longer you subscribe, the more they reward you with extra perks in your package. They ship quickly and are highly rated on Etsy.


There are plenty of dice in the world to explore at different prices. Subscription dice services are fun for dice hoarders and collectors, so consider a subscription for your D&D and TTRPG friends for their upcoming holidays and birthdays.

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