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Sorcerer Feats Guide: D&D 5e Best Feat Selection

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Let’s discuss Sorcerer feats for your character!

The Sorcerer is a bewitching Charisma-based spellcaster. Common character builds combine Sorcerers with Paladins and Warlocks, but for players who are not looking to multiclass, what are the best Sorcerer feats? While the Sorcerer is blessed with versatility, it needs to expand its spellcasting list to avoid a stagnant repertoire. Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything provided several interesting choices for spellcasters that previously lacked useful feats. Now that we have more spellcasting feats, I’m prepared to explore the best feats for Sorcerers to help you narrow down the best options for your sorcerous character!

Tell me if you think of something I didn’t. You can explore my feat grading article if you want to explore which feats are well-designed, powerful, and more.

Expanded Spellcasting Sorcerer Feats

  • Drow High Magic (Drow Elves only): Casting Detect Magic all the time will wear down your DM’s patience, heh heh. Adding useful spells to your known spells is critical for Sorcerers pre-Tasha’s. Levitate and Dispel Magic are excellent spells to gain, and this feat’s focus on Charisma is even better for your Sorcerous spellcasting.
  • Fey Touched: Misty Step! You’ll learn one first-level spell from the school of divination or the school of enchantment, opening your options beyond the Sorcerer’s spell list.
  • Shadow Touched: Invisibility is often useful, but the Charisma boost is important. You can learn one first-level spell from the school of necromancy or the school of illusion. Disguise Self and Silent Image are worthy choices.
  • Spell Sniper: Improve your spell attacks’ casting ranges while ignoring non-full cover. It’s useful to learn additional cantrips, too. However, there aren’t many spell attack spells on the Sorcerer spell list, so this feat isn’t great. This might be worthwhile if you multiclass as a Warlock with Eldritch Blast or otherwise learn Eldritch Blast.
  • Telepathic: Start casting Detect Thoughts with newly boosted Charisma! DMs may rule that this feat can make verbal spell components imperceptible to all but your spell’s intended target. Your DM might allow you to give orders from the Suggestion spell through your telepathy, allowing you to manipulate people in a crowd undetected. If that’s the ruling, go for it.

Spellcasting Augmentation Sorcerer Feats

  • Flames of Phlegethos (Tieflings only): I’d pick this up if I played a Tiefling Sorcerer focusing on dealing fire damage. The stat boost is relevant, the flame wreathing your body is cool, and the damaging effect is much better than the lame Elemental Adept feat.
  • Metamagic Adept: Expanding Sorcery Points and Metamagic options can be critical for your Sorcerer. Consider the spells you’re typically casting so you can figure out what kind of augmentation would be helpful. You can read my evaluations and explanations of Metamagic tactics here.
  • Telekinetic: Improve or learn the Mage Hand spell. This is a versatile cantrip that gets me excited to play. It’s one of the best feats for Sorcerers, in my opinion. Sorcerers don’t typically use their bonus actions during combat, so this fills in the action economy and boosts Charisma. This feat is also great for escape, mobility, and creativity. It’s one of my favorite feats for a spellcaster.

Durability Sorcerer Feats

  • Infernal Constitution (Tieflings only): Boosting your Constitution is useful for any class. You need to maintain concentration, so Constitution is essential. Resistances are nice to have, too.
  • Lucky: It’s the Lucky feat, again. It’s ubiquitous enough that I’d be mistaken not to include it. I find it boring. At least try to roleplay your luck if you choose this feat. Roleplaying instances of luck will set you apart from the common player. Wild Magic Sorcerers might prefer Lucky for its thematic resonance with their subclass. You’ll be hard-pressed to fail a concentration save if you have both Lucky and War Caster.

Teamwork Spellcaster Feats

  • Bountiful Luck (Halflings only): As one of my favorite feats, it’s an automatic feat for me if I play a Sorcerer Halfling. Your allies will thank you every time you help them reroll a one. Bountiful Luck is usable during each round, so don’t hold back unless you’re saving your reaction for Counterspell. You’ll need to keep your allies within range (30 feet). Don’t choose this feat if you’re the only character keeping your distance from a fray because you won’t be close enough to help allies with their ones. I recommend selecting survivability feats, so you maintain a slight distance from the action.
  • Telekinetic: This feat is incredible for a Sorcerer. Bonus actions often go unutilized by Sorcerers, so they can afford to use them as they push creatures and objects around. You can maneuver allies into better combat positions, shove foes off ledges, or cause objects to fall and break on enemy noggins. There are many creative uses for Telekinetic as it’s one of the best feats in the game, in my opinion. It’s a powerful upgrade if you already have Mage Hand as a cantrip.

Niche Feats for Sorcerers

  • Alert: Going first can be huge, especially if you’re ambushed. Remaining alert and acting quickly can be the difference between life and death. Consider this feat if you’ve chosen many spells that control the battlefield so you can set the stage quickly. Playing with a DM who understands and uses surprise rules can make Alert critical to select.
  • War Caster: Don’t lose concentration! You must make sure you don’t lose concentration on spells, so the advantage on Constitution saving throws to maintain concentration is super important. Multiclassing with something like Hexblade Warlock will mean you have opportunities for close-quarters combat and spells for your opportunity attacks.


If you’ve learned nothing else from this article, I hope you’ve learned that Telekinetic is an invaluable feat for a Sorcerer. It can be useful in many ways. My recommendations are subjective, but they are grounded in experience, game mechanics, and metagame knowledge. I’m confident that you’ve learned something from exploring my summary.

What spells have you loved for your Sorcerer character? In the comments section below, cast Message to tell me which feats you’re choosing. I hope you’ll share this article with your friends to get a discussion started.

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