Lore of the cosmologies of Dungeons and Dragons

Firebreather from Wild Beyond the Witchlight

Echoes of the Material World: D&D Cosmology

Realms steeped in life and death, shrouded in myth and mysticism, the Mirror Planes are a strange reflection of the mortal world. This article aims to fill lore gaps by pulling inspiration from previous editions, from real-life mythology, and from outside media.

Mythic Odysseys of Theros Art

Life After Death? 5e Afterlife Lore and Analysis

In my experience, the afterlife rarely comes up during play, but there’s a lot of fascinating lore that could affect how players interact with the world. This article will cover your bases and give you a run-down on what 5th edition has to say on the afterlife.

krezk curse of strahd guide

Krezk, Curse of Strahd Guide: D&D 5e DM Inspiration

Krezk is a village with few details compared to the metropolis of Vallaki, but it need not be so hollow. This guide will help DMs flesh out Krezk to make it an engaging setting for any player group. I’ll review the module as written and point out ideas for expounding and homebrewing details. Let’s talk about Krezk!

Hag Lore and Tactics from D&D 3.5 to 5e

A repugnant dark fey creature with enigmatic origins, the Hag is one of the most notorious wicked creatures in the Dungeons and Dragons anthology. I hope to highlight tactics, lore, descriptions, and ideas that go beyond the scope of the conventional 5e Hag encounter to provide Dungeon Masters with tools to incorporate Hags into their campaigns in unexpected and exciting ways.

Warlock Patrons: D&D Lore and Pact Motivations

The purpose of this article is to help players find a Warlock patron with the lore, goals, and abilities that fit into their character build and background, as well as to help players flesh out roleplaying and world-building aspects of their adventurer to share with their Dungeon Master.

Werewolves by ncorva

Lycanthropes and Werebeasts in D&D 5e

With their intelligent hunting prowess, wild bloodthirst, and eerie ability to blend in with common villagers, Lycanthropes (werebeasts) effortlessly add a touch of terror to low-level campaigns.

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