The Wizard Class – Articles highlighting and analyzing the Wizard class for player characters in D&D 5e. Feats, multiclassing, subclass advice, and more.

Transmutation Wizard

Transmutation Wizard Fixed: D&D 5e Subclass Revision

My revision of the Transmutation Wizard in D&D 5e’s PHB. Let’s cast Alter Subclass’ on this bad boy. Adding fun options to the Transmuter’s Stone, an alchemist feel, and getting rid of the horrible level-ten feature. This is the revised Transmuter you’ve wanted to play for years!

Masochist Fire Dancer: D&D 5e Bizarre Builds

I realized a bizarre combo can be achieved by immolating oneself with Alchemist’s Fire then using Absorb Elements to resist the damage and empower melee attacks with fire. I’ve identified several class concepts that could feasibly pull off this strange self-immolation tactic, so check out my findings!

Why ‘Spell Mastery’ Is Incredibly Useful: D&D 5e Wizard Guide

This is your ultimate guide to Spell Mastery. One of the coolest, unappreciated class features of any class in D&D 5e is the Wizard’s Spell Mastery at level eighteen. Spell Mastery essentially transforms one first-level spell and one second-level spell into bonafide cantrips because they can be cast without expending spell slots.

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