Polymorph Beast Spreadsheet

5e Beast Stats Spreadsheet – Polymorph, Wild Shape, Beast Companions

[Update for beasts published as of March 18, 2019]

One of the most common monster types is the beast: lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! Some powerful spells and abilities summon beasts, speak with beasts, and transform characters into beasts. Unfortunately, there isn’t a centralized reference for all beasts in any D&D manuals, so it can be difficult to make quick decisions for what beasts to choose for a given situation.

In the spirit of empowering players with knowledge, I’ve created a spreadsheet that has all the information about beasts that a player could want! You can download it for free here:

I recommend using this spreadsheet to filter and sort to explore the different utilities offered by each beast. The most common applications for the spreadsheet are the Polymorph spell, the Beast Shape ability of druids, the Beast Companion feature of Beastmaster rangers, and the Find Familiar spell commonly used by wizards.

Polymorphing and Beast Shaping became much easier after I created this spreadsheet. Transforming into a beast can provide fly and swim speeds, underwater breathing, size manipulation, infiltration skills, and more! I love that beasts have a variety of uses. Transformation is a diverse, powerful ability for any character.

Please download the spreadsheet and leave a review, so other players will know if it’s useful or not! I’ll also be able to improve the spreadsheet based on your feedback. It took many hours to create this spreadsheet, so I want to figure out how it can be altered to be more useful.

P.S. – If you’re skeptical that this spreadsheet is something useful for you, I’ll list what the spreadsheet provides:

Beast Name
Challenge Rating
Forms for the Familiar Spell
Ranger Beast Companions
Creature Size
Experience Points
Armor Class
Flying Capability
Swim Capability
Special Abilities
Multiattack Description
Combat Utility Categories
Saving Throw Bonuses
Environment Habitat
Source Material

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  1. This spreadsheet is incredible! Very useful.
    Thank you for putting the time into making this part of the game so much easier 🙂

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