The Barbarian Class – Articles highlighting and analyzing the Barbarian class for player characters in D&D 5e. Feats, multiclassing, subclass advice, and more.

D&D 5e barbarian feats tieflings

The Best Barbarian Feats: D&D 5e Mighty Guide

Whether you’re swinging a great axe or thrusting a rapier, I have recommendations for the feats that a Barbarian should be considering. Enhance your combat prowess with the feats of power available to you!

Multiclass Builds for Seafaring Adventures: D&D 5e

A proper aquatic theme establishes a defining tone, which affects player choices, especially character builds. Though there are a myriad of magnificent maritime archetypes already available canonically, I’ve compiled a few multiclass builds that I believe would abet excitement in this theme.

Path of the Wild Soul Barbarian

Barbarian Path of the Wild Soul UA Analysis

Finally, a magic-based Barbarian has come to light in the new Unearthed Arcana playtest material. The Path of the Wild Soul is whimsical, unpredictable, and imaginative. But is it worth playing? We think so, and we’ll explain what we like and dislike about this Barbarian archetype.

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