The Rogue Class – Articles highlighting and analyzing the Rogue class for player characters in D&D 5e. Feats, multiclassing, subclass advice, and more.

Rogues on Horseback: D&D 5e Mounted Combat Tactics

The concept of a Rogue that specializes in mounted combat seems compelling and fun to play. There is a bit of synergy between Rogues and mounted combat rules as well. Mounts deserve more attention in D&D because they’re so useful.

a rogue moves quickly to sneak attack an enemy

How to Sneak Attack Consistently: D&D 5e Rogue Tactics

One of my favorite classes is the Rogue, but I’ve heard internet chatter about the Rogue being one of the weakest classes because a Rogue can’t reliably deal Sneak Attack damage in combat. So let’s talk about Sneak Attack tactics!

Multiclass Builds for Seafaring Adventures: D&D 5e

A proper aquatic theme establishes a defining tone, which affects player choices, especially character builds. Though there are a myriad of magnificent maritime archetypes already available canonically, I’ve compiled a few multiclass builds that I believe would abet excitement in this theme.

Archer by Yanporfirio

Arcane Assassin Archer: A Multiclass Character Build for D&D 5e

Obscured in the shadows, thick foliage covers your perch. A bandit camp breaks for the night below, unaware of your dooming presence. As you nock your arrow on your trusty bow, you weave an incantation of ancient magic into the tip and choose your target. Ready, aim, release.

Rogue Assassin

How to Multiclass Fighter/Rogue: D&D 5e Character Concepts

We all have our favorite classes. Mine is Rogue. I love the graceful yet powerful strikes in combat combined with the masterful cunning displayed out of battle. I also love Fighters: simple, strong, and versatile. Combining these two classes produces a highly synergetic multiclass.

Aasimar Paladin

Aasimar Paladin/Warlock/Rogue: D&D 5e Character

Combining Oathbreaker, Hexblade and Swashbuckler as a Scourge Aasimar, you can discover a fruitful opportunity for intense backstory and character-developing role play in a power-build with breathtakingly stackable damage output…

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