A collection of homebrew material for D&D 5e, though some may apply to other fantasy TTRPGs. Homebrew is the spice of life when making the game your own!


Herbalism in a Nutshell: D&D 5e Herbalist Resource

Herbalism in your Dungeons and Dragons campaign has more uses than ever before. Not only can you create poultices, teas, ointments, elixirs, and balms, but a special organic material may be necessary for imbuing an item with magical properties.

Sorcerer Metamagic

How to Use Sorcerer Metamagic: D&D 5e Sorcery Tactics

Metamagic is a thematic, useful class feature for Sorcerers, but using Metamagic efficiently can be daunting for players. This article will help a Sorcerer to understand how each Metamagic can be used to optimally enhance their spells.

D&D 5e improved spells Spellcaster by ncorva

Revised 5e Spells: Improving the Worst Spells of D&D 5e

Due to the sheer girth of the spell section of the PHB (and later XgtE/TCoE), some spells that are duds. A spell may be a dud if it’s too circumstantial or just bad compared to other options. I think it’s a healthy exercise to think about these spells and how I would improve them without making them too powerful.

Blacksmith by myas-drmax homebrew magic item formulas

Formulas for Homebrew Magic Items: D&D 5e

In this article, we will provide a few scenarios, formulas, and components required. Plus, we’ll include potential role-playable challenges that may arise while a player crafts this magic item.

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