Ideas to get you started on creating a world of your own.

Dragon Heist Worldbuilding

10 Ideas to Enrich Passive Worldbuilding

When players hear of geopolitical challenges, problematic societal beliefs, inter-species conflicts, and general movements throughout the land, they may not feel compelled to tackle such vast and vague problems, but they will discover how these dilemmas shape the campaign around them.

Firebreather from Wild Beyond the Witchlight

Echoes of the Material World: D&D Cosmology

Realms steeped in life and death, shrouded in myth and mysticism, the Mirror Planes are a strange reflection of the mortal world. This article aims to fill lore gaps by pulling inspiration from previous editions, from real-life mythology, and from outside media.

D&D 5e DM adventure prep Dwarven colonies

DM Adventure Development Journal: Dwarven Colonies

DMs can ruin the mystique of what they do by sharing their methodologies, but DMs can learn from one another without fear of ruining the experience for their players. Here you’ll find StoryCrafting skills and methods to help you with your game.

Mythic Odysseys of Theros Art

Life After Death? 5e Afterlife Lore and Analysis

In my experience, the afterlife rarely comes up during play, but there’s a lot of fascinating lore that could affect how players interact with the world. This article will cover your bases and give you a run-down on what 5th edition has to say on the afterlife.

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