This content analyzes spells in deep-dive formats, recommends spells for character classes, and helps with any kind of spellcasting.

The Best Cleric Spells: D&D 5e Spells to Prepare

The Cleric spell list is fully available to any Cleric, and different Domains can receive additional spells from other classes as their Domain Spells. Since you don’t have to worry about which spells to learn, you have time to experiment with different spells to which ones work for you and your campaign. Though you can play a Cleric that suits your game, I’m here to give you 1d4 of Guidance regarding which spells will never let you down on your path of pious purpose.

D&D 5e upcasting spells ninth level

The Ultimate Guide to Upcasting All Spells to 9th Level: D&D 5e

Have you ever wondered what every D&D 5e spell would do if cast at 9th level? I sure did, so I went full mad lad and summarized every upcast-able spell for what it could do at the pinnacle of upcasting. You can find the list down a few paragraphs if you want to skip my general commentary.

dice dispel magic

How to Dispel Magic: D&D 5e Spell Analysis

While Dispel Magic is one of the most commonly used spells due to its ubiquitous benefits, I realized this week that I had been misinterpreting what the spell does. Let’s clear up those misconceptions.

How to Polymorph: 5e Spell Exhaustive Guide

If you haven’t heard, Polymorph is commonly cited as one of the best spells in fifth edition D&D. Let’s explore why Polymorph receives such hype and is the topic of much discussion!

Time Stop

Time Stop: 5e Spell Analysis

Time Stop has a reputation in fifth edition D&D as a useful spell, but I want to really analyze the spell to discover how it can be used effectively. This article is a deep dive into the spell, its mechanics, and what kinds of characters and spells are complementary to it.


Counterspell: D&D 5e Spell Tactics and Clarifications

Casting Counterspell feels like snapping your fingers to ruin someone’s fun, which is accurate since the spell’s only component is somatic. It is a controversial spell that robs a character of an action with little downside. But this spell inspires many inquiries on the internet from players who are figuring out finer points about how it works. I’ve compiled the best of those questions and their answers.

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