This content analyzes spells in deep-dive formats, recommends spells for character classes, and helps with any kind of spellcasting.

D&D 5e improved spells Spellcaster by ncorva

Revised 5e Spells: Improving the Worst Spells of D&D 5e

Due to the sheer girth of the spell section of the PHB (and later XgtE/TCoE), some spells that are duds. A spell may be a dud if it’s too circumstantial or just bad compared to other options. I think it’s a healthy exercise to think about these spells and how I would improve them without making them too powerful.

Nystul's Magic Aura

Nystul’s Magic Aura: 5e In-Depth Spell Analysis

Nystul’s Magic Aura (hereafter referred to as “NMA”) is a unique, underused spell. I rarely see it in games. For me, NMA has been especially useful for protecting my PC from detection while magically disguised…

D&D 5e dream spell

Dream: D&D 5e In-Depth Spell Analysis

Dream is a fifth level illusion spell available to bards, warlocks, and wizards. Druids of Circle of the Land who choose grassland as their environmental specialty will also learn Dream…

druid among rocks

Favorite Underutilized Druid Spells: Levels 7 through 9

In the previous two parts, we’ve looked at Druid spells that give advantage to your team’s attack, protect your team from assailants, and even a spell that brings a character back from the dead. In this final section, we’ll look at…

Druid Spells

Favorite Underutilized Druid Spells: Levels 1 through 3

As a player, throwing that death-dealing Flame Arrow that pierces the Lich King’s soul is all that we aspire to do in Dungeons and Dragons, right? There’s no better feeling than being the hero of heroes…

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