Customization & Revision

Our scholarly attempts at creating and altering content for players and DMs. We revise existing D&D 5e content to fit various genres or enrich the game.

berserker barbarian subclass

Berserker Barbarian Homebrew Fix: D&D 5e Revision

The Berserker is a staple concept in RPG history, but D&D 5e’s Barbarian Berserker misses the mark. I’ve made my revisions and explained them so you can decide if my revision deserves to be played over the PHB version. Check out my revision to see if you can improve on my ideas.

Flanking Should Be More Fun in D&D 5e Combat

Are flanking rules fun? Are they well-designed? I’ve attempted to use them in several campaigns, but they never seem to stick. Players stop caring and the DM stops caring as flanking falls into a distant memory. I’ve dissected flanking rules to see what needs to change to make flanking fun. Review my ideas to see if you like them enough to try them in your own games.

Mad Mage

Using Sanity as an Ability Score in D&D 5e

Sanity is an optional mechanic often dismissed as either extreme or useless in D&D 5e. However, using Sanity as an additional ability score has a wide array of uses and benefits.

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