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Mad Mage

Using Sanity as an Ability Score in D&D 5e

Sanity is an optional mechanic often dismissed as either extreme or useless in D&D 5e. However, using Sanity as an additional ability score has a wide array of uses and benefits.

D&D 5e wizard feats illusory dragon

The Best Wizard Feats: D&D 5e Arcane Guide

I’ll direct you to feats that are worth your Wizardly time. Having feats spread out through several books can make it difficult to research and settle on which feats are best for a Wizard. I’ve summarized the best feats to enhance and expand your spell-slinging!

ascendant dragon monk subclass review D&D 5e article featured image

Ascendant Dragon Monk Subclass Review: D&D 5e

A closer look at the Ascendant Dragon features and how these synergize with the Monk’s main class features, then review suitable feat, race, and multiclass options and finally combine these into some build concepts.

D&D 5e cleric feats

The Best Cleric Feats: D&D 5e Godlike Feats Guide

Feats are powerful customizations when coupled appropriately with class abilities. Clerics are unique because they already have a lot going for them. I’m here to direct you to the feats that are worth your time.

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