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students of the order of the scribes wizard subclass practice magic

Order of Scribes Wizard D&D 5e: Analysis and Roleplaying

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything describes the Order of the Scribes Wizard subclass as the most bookish of all Wizards. Every Wizard keeps a library card, but the Scribes are in the library every day! Here’s how to roleplay your Scribe Wizard.

D&D 5e wizard multiclass fun

D&D 5e Wizard Multiclass Guide

This is your guide to multiclassing with Wizards in D&D 5e. The guide includes multiclass combinations and recommendations by Wizard subclass. Multiclassing combinations can be fun, powerful, interesting, or all of the above. Check out my master guide to Wizard multiclassing for D&D 5e!

D&D 5e Ranger Multiclassing archer gnome desert combination

D&D 5e Ranger Multiclassing Guide

Your guide to Ranger multiclassing for unique character builds in Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition (D&D 5e). Multiclassing is daunting for new players to learn, but rewarding for experienced players. Aside from optimization, multiclassing allows you to bring unique characters to life with outside-the-box specialties. Multiclassing can be useful for roleplaying as well, so it’s not merely for min-max-style players. Review my recommendations to discover inspiration for your next character.

passive perception D&D 5e wagon ambush hoard of the dragon queen

Passive Perception Explained: D&D 5e’s Best Skill

Traps, secret doors, and skulking assassins are aspects of D&D that test a character’s ability to keenly perceive their surroundings. D&D 5e’s core rules depend on the Perception skill, and more specifically the Passive Perception skill, and this resource possesses everything you need to understand it.

D&D 5e barbarian guide hero

D&D 5e Barbarian Class Guide

Learn everything you need to know about playing and enjoying a D&D 5e Barbarian character. We cover feats, subclasses, tactics, and more.

spending gold and wealth in D&D 5e featured image

What to Spend Gold on in D&D 5e

Do you struggle to spend your gold in D&D 5e? Does gold seem worthless? Here are my tips for spending your gold and having fun with wealth in your TTRPG experience.

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